About Fetch

Serving Eugene/Springfield, Oregon


F.E.T.C.H. was formed several years ago to offer therapy dog teams an opportunity to visit as a group. We visit retirement homes, assisted living and memory care facilities, rehabs and educational institutions in the Eugene, Springfield, and Bethel area.

Several members also participate in the Reading Education Assistance Dogs program, or READ. We go into schools and libraries to provide opportunities for children to read books to our dogs. The READ program is a separate registration. To be a READ team one must first be a therapy dog team registered by a recognized organization. Alliance of Therapy Dogs is one such organization. For more information on the READ program, visit their site: http://www.therapyanimals.org/R.E.A.D.html

Many members enjoy visiting at the hospital. This is most often done as individual teams, but can be done as a group. It is a wonderful experience to visit the waiting rooms, as families there have nothing else to do but sit, wait, and worry. Bringing a therapy dog in lifts the mood and gives families a diversion for a while, easing their stress. Please be aware some hospitals, including Riverbend, have a volunteer orientation that must be attended before the therapy teams may visit.